space projects

The first serious space project were offered in the end of nineteen century by French writer Jules Vern. His proposal to get on the Moon by using giant cannon was fist of kind that involves technical means instead of some magical force. Since then enthusiasts from around the world flooded scientific community with new ideas. Among them, the Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who suggested to reach the space by jet powered rocket devices. Another example on that theme is American physicist Freeman Dyson with his best known work that bears his name - the Dyson sphere. Some large-scale space projects are so grandiose that they commonly called as the astroengineering. In includes the planet rebuilding, star moving and so on. Each of them would require unimaginable level of energy and other inventions of highly advanced civilization.

In the near future, the humanity would colonize the Moon, Mars, some biggest asteroids and the rest of Solar System as well. In order to challenge existential risks we need to go into outer space as soon as possible. Any delays could means unjustified increase in chances of our civilization being destroyed. Existing threats varied from huge asteroid impact to the total extinction because of ran away global warming. In fact, no matter of what should happen, today's society so heavily relies on modern achievements that mere power blackout or Internet outing would result in severe global upheaval. Dire situation, but we can offer you much better choice!

Ultimate goal of lies within the space! When it comes to outer space you need to realize that the sky's resources has actually no limit. The Sun could provide space-dwellers with abundant, neverending solar energy. Beside that, the raw materials obtained from the Moon and large asteroids would serve any needs that mankind will ever encounter. There is almost everything: form primordial stuff, left after Solar System formation to the great variety of valuable metals, such as iron, nickel, titanium and gold. Today the Earth is overpopulated that strain the ecology, and put heavy burden on the environment. But science have to offer a good alternative for that dismal prospect. We can use the terrestrial planets as construction material is order to build artificial world. That can be a mentioned before a Dyson Sphere, an O'Neill's Ring world, the Cassius Globe and many more ambiguous projects on that exiting theme.

So, why should we go into the space? In reality, this is our prime aim and the final frontier. After all, it is a natural trait of humanity aspire to great knowledge, to expand it living territory, to get a better life. I can easily prove that any non-spacefaring civilization is destined into extinction if it doesn't ventures outside. Some of natural hazards simply cannot been dealt appropriate to the scale of one planet alone. The megatsunami, global earthquake or volcanic super-eruption might devastate any one-planet limited society, no matter of how sophisticated it could be. Such mega-cataclysms almost impossible predict and unthinkable to prevent. To fix the problem once and for all, we need to spread ourself to the whole Solar System and beyond. To make great effort that should guarantee the survival in case of any looming unavoidable catastrophe. It is the right time to start expansion now, because tomorrow it will be too late.

It must be understood that to conduct the ambitious space projects the mankind needs to get access to such amount of power as it produced by the Sun. According to so-called Kardashev scale, every civilization of type one and type two would be capable of astroengineering throughout whole Solar System, and probably beyond. Perhaps, that can be giant telescopes with size of main aperture of many hundred or even thousand kilometers. Another example is the interstellar transportation system, that would require enormous assemblage to be build, in order to power departing generation ships. In addition, if we could find the astroengineering activities around other stars it will prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life and help us to make contact with her.

We cannot stay on the Earth indefinitely; any forms of self-isolation has been proven wrong many times in human history. Adherence to that policy will meant the backward society with no optimistic prospect, and no bright future. Our dedication directed to promote awareness of general public on such sensitive issues as: uniqueness of Man and his place in the Universe, astronomy as major science and cosmology in particular. To bring close to the people ideas of imminent expansion into outer space. Every section of this site, every written article contains important information that can turn you from state of ignorance into utter wisdom.